Slipper Loom pattern
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Slipper Loom pattern
Pattern idea by Lynn Gary
Pattern formatted by Shellie Humphries
Slipper  crafted by J.L.Haley
Using a Slipper Loom,  
 2 strands acrylic yarn  
Use an e-wrap stitch

Cast on pegs
 *Wrap pegs for first row, do not complete circle,
 Stop at last Peg before first stitch.
 Knit off & Turn. *All odd numbered rows
 **Knit off to beginning peg,& turn.
 Creating a flat swatch.
 Knit off in this fashion, always turning & knitting back to the first  peg,
**All even numbered rows
 When this swatch equals apx. 5-6 inches long,
 ***Begin Knitting in the round. Forming a knitted tube.
 *** (Do Not stop & turn at the last peg, complete the circle)
 When the Knitted tube is an appropriate length ,cut yarn, leaving a 10-12 inch tail.
                ## Please see size guide for apx. inch to sz conversion
 Thread yarn tail onto a yarn needle.
Remove stitches from pegs with the yarn needle,
In order,onto the yarn tail. Beginning with the last stitch.
 Gather tightly & tie off.
We do not want any toes to escape.

Adding a cuff is MANDATORY.
 The cuff must measure 5-5 1/2 inches wide.
 Return the slipper to the loom using the stitches at the foot hole.
 Overlap the center 3 stitches, to prevent a stitch gap. This peg will be knit off as 3 over 1 for the first row.
 Knit in the round if possible,
 Knit as a flat swatch if your loom has more pegs than stitches available,
Or if your loom has less pegs than stitches. You may transfer the slipper onto a straight knitting frame.

 For a folded cuff on the loom:
Knit off 20-25 rows. Re-attach the  first row of the cuff,
 Knit off.
 Bind off.

 For a Mock Sock Cuff: Knit off 12-15 rows & bind off.
 If binding off with a crochet hook, add a single yarn over crochet stitch between each peg stitch.

 You may also Crochet a cuff around the foot opening.  A minimum of 3 rows.

 Whip stitch the heel section, you may T this heel section. Do this step after the cuff!!

Re-attaching a slipper to the loom for a cuff. From the top & the side.